MOOD for 2023 ✨

Happy New Year lovelies!

I don’t know what resolutions y’all have made, but there are big moves happening in the new year for me, or should I say YOU.

Time has flown by so fast (crazy, right!?). I actually. cannot believe we have entered another year stronger and wiser. Emphasis on the STRONGER. 2022 was so rough, I am wiping the sweat off my forehead. We are entering 2023 focused and serious, western AF, colorful and unique, and in our power! (Hell YES this jumpsuit and these colors were picked for a reason!)

I am hyper focused on growing personally, and serving you guys on a more professional level in 2023 than ever before. 🙌🏻

What’s that look like?! Brand new and exclusive client guides, pricing and pricing guides, wedding and elopement packages, new education in my brain, a very entertaining podcast, and more. All this to say, my client experience and having you in 2023 is gonna KICK ASS. I am so so excited to have educated myself even more to really bring some more love to you guys.

First things first, your gonna wanna stay on the up and up with my new community via email; this will be the place that I will be launching, having deals, and showing up for you guys the MOST in the new year, as well as here on the BLOG! (I know, it’s about time.)

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In other news, I launched a podcast with my best friend Jessica and you will get all the details RIGHT HERE too!

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All this to say, this is not about me. It’s about YOU, friend, and I’m here just to sit and listen and cheer you on! Today, I’m inviting you to hit that “comment” button below or to send me an email and tell ME something…anything…about yourself or share with me the #1 thing that you are excited for this year! I’m SO excited to hear from you guys. 

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