Jessica, Skyler, & Mya’s in-home session

Mya’s little squishy face gets me every damn time.

Jessica reached out to me and told me she needed some photos she could be proud of, of her sweet little family in their beautiful home that they will soon be moving on from. I knew I was up for the challenge, and my absolute favorite thing is when a client tells me they want photos to hang on their wall. As a photographer, there is this incredible sense of pride that comes with seeing your photos and seeing your clients love them enough to look at them every day!

Oh man, and I thought the last squishy face was good😍

These two have been married for 4 years. Which is just absolute insanity to me but they are the most loving and beautiful family.

Stop it, right now. It’s a good thing I’m not around more, I’d be spoiling the heck out of her πŸ˜‚

It’s no secret that Jess and I are long time friends, but not JUST that, she is my best friend. My client. My sister. My favorite human. She is all of it! The most beautiful thing about photography is being able to be a part of something so much larger than myself, I get to celebrate milestones with the people in my life, and also meet incredible new people also.


Their love is so inspiring to me.

We started the session out with some family photos, I allowed Mya to climb all over Mom and Dad and just encouraged them to play and enjoy each others company, I didn’t want baby Mya to feel intimidated or annoyed at me and my camera. Not a whole lot of posing here peeps. I just captured THEM. Especially with my in-home sessions, I truly want the photos to feel genuine. Jessica and Skyler’s light shines truly as bright as it seems.

Next, we finished up the session with some couples photos of the two of them and a quick couple snaps with their yellow lab Honey.

Thank you both for being my friends, and thank you for trusting me to take these photos. I know they will be enjoyed for years to come. So much love! XOXO!


Jacque O

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