This feels like the moment during your valedictorian speech in college where you stand up and have to make a lasting impression on people's minds, but also their hearts. As you can see, I believe in what I do with my entire heart and know you reading this is a very special moment for us both but why? Serendipity.

I live my entire life with a bold faith for Jesus, and carpe diem, so I know we're both not here by mistake. Let's call this a BOLD sign. God's plan for me and this business of mine fell into lap in the middle of what I thought was going to be a modeling career. Without planning, it took off. A friend gifted me a hobby camera, that turned into a passion for photographing portraits of couples in love in no time at all. The first time I picked up a camera and photographed people falling in love, it gave me the same feeling that we all feel at the end of the hallmark movie. You know what I'm talking about... he comes home from war and tells her he kept her polaroid in his wallet to keep him safe the entire time; and you instantly feel transported to the joy they feel in that moment and that my friend, is why I do what I do. My own love story has taken its sweet sweet time but I get to live my life like a hallmark movie, wishing and dreaming of what it could feel like for me someday while living vicariously through the madly in love people in front of my camera. This job keeps me young and keeps my faith in Jesus and love strong. I believe you landed on me for a reason.

welcome friend

My name is Jacque

Hi friend, my name is Jacque, I'm a wedding and elopement photographer with a huge heart and passion for connection.

some fun facts about me

Love Island (it's a guilty pleasure)

What Netflix shows I'm currently binging

Carrot Juice

My favorite go to drink

Arizona and Colorado

Favorite place to travel


Favorite season

Lola and Dove

My dog's names are

Moose Tracks

My favorite ice cream


Favorite Movie

Rascal Flatts

Favorite Artist

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