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Jacque O

YEP, you heard me. Connection first, art second. What IF I told you that hiring a photographer like me will make you feel more beautiful and in love? What if you looked back on your photos in the same way you remembered all of the biggest happiest moments in your life, buying your first home, graduating, and meeting the love of your life? My work and who I am is not transactional, so I'm here to be a good friend FIRST; and a good friend is someone that is here to help guide you, support you, and make you feel 100% like yourself. I believe in your love, and your experience but I also have a great respect for your story and the trust couples place in me. Get ready to have photos that showcase your unique love beautifully while being honest to the bone.

Hi friend, my name is Jacque, I'm a wedding and elopement photographer with a huge heart and passion for connection.

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