Why the right photographer is essential ✨

One of the most important things is hiring a photographer, to ensure your memories do not fade.

Your wedding day is a day you’ve dreamed up your entire life and for the remainder of your years, you will look back fondly on it, remembering each detail, each spike in adrenaline or cortisol, and maybe even sharing it with your loved ones.

Listen, I completely get it, but so many people try to save money on their wedding day by buying their own cameras (or renting them) and taking pictures themselves, hiring a friend, hiring a newbie, or thinking iphone photos will suffice but unfortunately there’s no way that your photos can compare to ones taken by a seasoned professional.

Let me explain why your photographer is one of, if not the most essential part of your day.

Style and Uniqueness

The good news is, you no longer have to settle on hiring someone that is JUST a professional. Tradition is out the door. You can hire someone that aligns with your entire day, which means you get more eye-catching, emotional, and meaningful photos.

Professional gear

I get it, it’s probably not something you think about too in depth but when you hire a professional, you benefit because top of the line equipment and gear, means top tier images. As professionals and a way to make a living, we ensure our gear is cared for and ready to go!

Quality Images

Only a professional photographer can achieve the quality you desire and this is essential for printing, and enjoying through the test of time. There’s just no way a hobby photography could can equal quality photographs.

One day, one time

You’re planning to get married once, and what’s the point in taking any shortcuts to save money when you’ve put so much thought into all of the other details?! This is a one, and done. So many times I have people reach out to me saying they wish they hired me, just so they didn’t regret the turnout of their photos, and regret is no fun.

Details and little memories

While you won’t forget how it looked, or how you felt, there will be details that fall through the cracks. You won’t get to enjoy ALL of it. A professional photographer walks through your day taking pictures of all of the moments big and small and trust me, you’ll want to remember even the smallest details. Each photo matters.

Reliability and security

As a professional myself, my job is to be punctual, and it’s ingrained in me to be reliable. When a photographer is there to deliver a service you paid for, you are ensured that they will be there. With that said, there are bad eggs in hidden places, so always make sure to do your research.

Premium Options

When hiring a professional, there’s so many packages and bonuses. SCORE! This means tips from the professional, someone to hold your hand, ask questions to, free gifts, and prints sometime too! These packages also include ways to bring your photos to life, while many photographers partner with some of the very best print labs and we make it easier on you, you can often print right from your digital emailed gallery!


I argue this to be the biggest selling point. Sure you’re paying for a service, but when you hire the right professional this person can help you to feel seen, and heard. This person’s eye for art can bring your wedding to life. Having a western wedding? Choosing a western photographer might mean that photographer is more aware of tendencies of livestock, and how you may look your best sitting on the back of your horse, or how dangerous a cow pattie can be if you step in one with high heels. (If you know, you know!) There are so many talented humans, but now you are able to choose a person you also connect with. A person that can be your friend on your wedding day and not just your photographer is more valuable. A friendtographer can clear a room, wrangle the men with crude jokes, try extremely unique ideas and poses, offer behind the scenes not just professional photos, help with animals, make you laugh, come to scene with emergencies, and serve you fully despite others opinions.

I hope this advice serves you well on your search for the absolute perfect person to photograph your special day! Best of luck!

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