Welcome to the new site!

Hello friends and welcome to my brand new website design and blog.

Eeeekk! I am so flipping excited!

I have been working countless hours to improve my brand and site for you and truly hope you will find some time to look around, discover what is new here, and enjoy the many changes I have installed. I really wanted it to feel homey, and grounded, while still providing my clients with valuable information. Working with me doesn’t start when you book me, it starts when you arrive to my website, and I will continue to grow my site to provide you with all of the things you need for your big day and beyond!

Although my site is active right now, my official launch date is not going to be until July 1st.

Why? You might ask.

I still have changes and plans for it, and I will be experimenting with my website traffic over the next month to truly see what you all are viewing and what you’re enjoying the MOST. Any feedback is welcomed!

Plans for my blog will include:

Diary notes + Session recaps + Favorite moments + Fun tips/tricks for your special day + Camera and Photography insight + As well as cute ha-ha moments. I am sooooo ready for it!

I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been up to recently, and I’m so glad to have you a part of it (if you enjoy reading blogs!)


Jacque O

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